Thursday, April 27, 2017

#atozchallenge 2017 w for where

Where?  M said W for where.

God,its all the effect of being taught phonics. When i was a kid w was only for watch and it remained so for quite a long time.

Well, where are we going?  As a species where is mankind heading... One side we have brains that are developing and inventing never imagined things.... I remember visiting my grandparents in Chennai during the holidays.There were very few houses in the neighborhood that had a telephone and my grandparents one was not one of them.When my dad who used to stay back in our residential town had to call us, he would call one of the neighbors, and my mother and we kids go their house and wait for my father's  second call which would follow. Of course not much could be discussed from a neighbors home.Switch back to the present and in one second we are communicating with so many people on Facebook,whatsapp etc. What a leap!

But have we learnt to live on this planet in peaceful coexistence?  How many problems are there that we have created? Most of us do not have the time to think about others leave alone the planet.  Where are we heading? 


  1. Interesting post. What we see today would be obsolete in the next 30 years. In the year 1910, US Senate wanted to abolish the Patent Office because they were convinced whatever is to be invented has been invented and there is nothing new to be invented. Look at the inventions in the last 107 years.

  2. Oh yes, times have changed dramatically since we were kids. In fact, life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Some changes are good and some arent.

  3. So true!We do not know where all this will end.Changes are taking place at leaps and bounds but humaneness is on the decline.

  4. i often think that all will be transformed in few decades

  5. well, every new invention has its on goods and bads....but again it depend on us how much we are into it.... you must agree that we just can't ignore these technological updates but certainly we can regulate our habbits to some extent, unless that happens no one knows "where we will be heading...???"